Friday, July 27, 2012

One month since surgery...and becoming a little GOOFY we are.  The stitches are out and I am past the liquid and soft food diet phase.'s real.  I am released to do just about anything I want. I have another 10 days before they fill my gastric band and tighten it around my stomach...and believe me...I am excited about the possibilities that that restriction of intake will provide :)

Last week I did a 2 mile run and felt pretty good.  The next day I woke up with a swollen right foot.  I had a broken heel in April and have been battling plantar fasciatis since May.  After running, I could
hardly put weight on the foot so, off I went to the Ortho to see what could be done.

I ended up with a cortisone shot in the side of my right foot and I am happy to report I am doing great.  Did a 3 mile run a few days ago with no now...its up to me.

I had to do some serious soul searching about my endurance goals.  If you know me personally, you know that completing an Ironman is my ultimate endurance goal.  I have attempted the Ironman twice . The first time, I ended up sick and dehydrated at mile 70 of the bike course.  The second time, I missed the bike cut off time by 90 seconds.  Both situations were heartbreaking but I did what I could and I did more in those days than anyone could have ever imagined a decade ago.  I was sad and depressed that I failed at these attempts but the dream still lives in me.

As I made the decision to get the band over my bypass, it was so that I could lose the last 40 to 70 pounds of weight for several reasons.  First and foremost, it will extend my life expectancy if I am at
a weight within normal limits.  Secondly, it will make me faster on the bike and run if I am lighter.  There are more reasons but honestly, those are the two that mean the most to me.  I have tried in the past to take time off to lose weight before the next season but I have been unable to take off more than 20 pounds at a time.

So, as hard as it was to say goodbye to the triathlon season, I decided to end my season early and focus on running and weight loss.  Doing running events does not require as many days of workout as a long distance triathlon.  With fewer days of workout, it gives my body time to recover and rest plus it will be a little easier to stick to a lower intake of food.

Several years ago, I participated in the Disney Marathon and told myself that someday, I would complete the Goofy Challenge (a half marathon and a full marathon in the same weekend).  Again, this is an event I have attempted to complete but have been unable to accomplish.  This will now become my goal for the next coming months.

So watch my blog as this triathlete turns runner for the next few months and goes for one of the major endurance events on her bucket list...becoming GOOFY :)