Thursday, November 15, 2012

A goal is a dream with a deadline.....

A goal is a dream with a deadline....Napoleon Hill

A deadline! life is full of deadline.  I feel like my world is set on a timer.  Dives at Disney are 40 minutes...snorkeling excursions are 30 minutes.  Running, biking and swimming miles are timed...and each precious increase in speed is celebrated... We pay bills with a deadline and set goals with a certain time and date.


I am a believer in dreams.  I believe dreams are powerful and life altering.  I believe your life goals and dreams should be written in concrete with the dates of completion written in sand.  Sometimes you have to push that sand away and write a new date....a new timeline....a new cut off time.

So has been my life in the world of Ironman.

I first came in contact with Ironman in 2006.  They needed rescue divers to work the swim course in Panama City.  I found out through a triathlon website that they had this need and applied for the volunteer slot.  I was granted it and I was excited.

I watched the triathletes get ready for the race and the full scope of what an Ironman was started to materialize before me.  It wouldn't be until years later that I would fully understand the hours of training and dedication it takes to achieve such a goal.  I was inspired by every athlete that passed me in the water as I watched with a regulator in my mouth.  I was even more inspired by those who pushed themselves through the water to make the cut off time.  It was quite emotional.

And as I stood at the finish line near midnight as a finish line volunteer, the atmosphere..the drama...and the hard work of each of those people helped create a dream in me that has never gone away...

Fast forward to 2012...Two attempts at Ironman...2 DNF's...and that's me in the photo above...signing on the dotted line one more time...all for a dream. The deadline of my dream has been written in sand and changed many the new date is November 2nd, 2013....15 years almost to the day since my gastric bypass.  I will be 50 years old...and that was my original complete an Ironman in my 50th year.

Dreams and goals are amazing....keep pushing...keep dreaming....keep working...and they will become yours.