Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sometimes you gotta be pushed...

I can still hear the alarm going off on my phone....i must have hit snooze 14 times.  The first time
the alarm went off, I picked up my phone and checked the weather....Orlando, FL...37 degrees!!

WHAT!!! As in Fahrenheit ?? I snuggled down and hit snooze...

But in my mind, I knew this body had to exit the bed and get on the road.  Its 5am...and Steve and I have to be out the door by 615am.

I finally drag myself up, get dressed, eat, let the dog out, feed the dog, load the car, pack my tri bag...and Steve and I are off...to our first triathlon bike workout of 2013.

Did I mention my husband, Steve came along.  Yes...you read that correctly.  One of the highlights of my short triathlon training season to date has been the addition of my husband to the insanity that is swimming biking and running.  More on that in another blog....but....let me just say....it is a joy to have him doing this with me...and he helps me a lot.

We arrive at an area outside Walt Disney World called "Western Way".  It appears to be an undeveloped subdivision but to triathletes, it is a cycling paradise.  Low traffic, lots of smooth pavement and tons of places to park.  Perfect for our first bike workout of 12 miles.

I thought to myself..."12 miles...that's not far at all" Factor in the cold and it might be uncomfortable but doable.  I get my gear together and I'm ready to ride.

Our Coaches Consuela "Sway" Lively, Cherie Shook and Trung Lively split us up into groups according to our race goals.  Steve heads off with the group doing a sprint triathlon and I am with the group doing an Olympic (my first race with be an Olympic distance in May).

The warm up is 6 miles.  Flat and fast, I head out.  I am on my new bike and, although its freezing, I'm loving the feeling of the bike...until...

The sinus problem I have had for over a week decides to exit my sinuses...My nose is running like the Colorado River and it's just terribly gross.  I get to the end of the 6 miles, look at Coach Sway...and say "I'm done."

No...you'll be fine...she says.  You have a 6 mile time trail on the rolling hills this way.

TIME TRAIL??? If there were ever two words that put the fear of God in me, it is those two.  I hate time trails.  Why?? Because I'm slower than molasses in the winter.  I proceed to protest but Coach Sway will not have it.  "Melissa, you are in line here...and you leave in 15 seconds."


Coach Trung holds the stopwatch and when he says "Go!"...I'm out of the saddle and I GO!!  Im pissed, Im grumbling but Im pedaling...and determined.

My point of this blog is....that even after all these years of racing and training, I still need a push and, after conveying my morning events to other athletes, I found out that I am not the only one.  Ultra Athletes (like Coach Trung and Coach Sway) sometimes need the motivation.  It was a real epiphany for me because, I really thought  * I * was the only one that had this problem.

I finished my time trail...and the rest of the workout...and, for as short as it was ( 12 mile bike and a 1 mile run)...Im proud that I didn't give in when things felt uncomfortable.  Im blessed with a great group of coaches and triathletes that keep me going even when the conditions aren't perfect...

Keep moving forward folks....it's just mind over matter....if you don't mind...it doesn't matter.