Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hope is alive and well

I opened my blog page with ever intention of writing an update about my experience with Destination Boot Camp in Denver.  I was going to tell you all about the amazing workouts we did (7 minutes of burpees….really??… carrying 1 ton of weight up 3 flights of stairs as a team…OH MY!!) or about the kind, wonderful, inspiring people that I met there both in my group and working for Anschutz Health and Wellness center  (that might require an entire blog entry in itself) but I had a hard time putting my thought to paper.  I would start, stop, change the entry and erase it all and start again.  I have learned in my journaling  that, if that happens, I am not being REAL with what I am posting and I need to search my heart for the real message..

And here it is: Hope is alive and well.

What type of hope?? Well, I entered into this plan with Destination Boot Camp hopeful but a bit cynical.  I mean, hey, at 52 years old, Ive tried a lot of plans to try to get me to my goal weight.  I have had 3 surgeries including an emergency procedure to correct issues related to my gastric bypass…so I am not opposed to thinking outside the box to try to accomplish this goal.  I have to say, this is the first time I have felt real hope in getting this goal accomplished.

So here I sit, starting week 2 at home at 12.5 pounds down from my starting weight.  I have been consistent with my eating and my exercise (although the exercise has never really been a problem) and I feel DIFFERENT!! I feel excited about the possibilities and so hopeful that I have finally found a program that works for me and I can follow.  I feel very blessed to have met the people on my team who have been very supportive in the journey so far and I believe will continue to help me attain my goals.

But the part that amazes me the most is me.  My body reacted to the lack of junk food and the eating clean so fast that it was like a lightbulb flipping on.  My workouts are stronger.  My days at work are easier and I sleep through the night.  To the world this is not a big revelation but to me … to be consistent even for just 2 weeks is a very big deal.

I am also very blessed by my friends here at home who have gotten behind me in attaining these goals.  They know that my husband working overseas has been a tough adjustment and have been so kind to include me in so many things. Most of my friends know how important Ironman is to me…and for months…I wouldn't even talk about it because I thought it would never be possible.  I see the possibilities now….and the early planning has begun… (more on that later down the road).

I have just 17.5 pound left to lose before my doctor will release me for long distance training again.  I think that it will take a lot of time to get to that point but Im trying very hard to enjoy the journey…as always, Ill keep you posted.

As one of my favorite endurance athletes, Diana Nyad always says: ONWARD!!!

Monday, June 1, 2015

One Person…One Year…One Amazing Transformation

I find it amazing how we as a nation are brought in by reality TV.  We watch people who get engaged to people they barely know(and usually break up weeks later), people get MARRIED to people they DON'T know(wow..how crazy) and celebrities that film themselves behaving badly and more.  We watch people fight addictions of every type and substance…and people survive in the wild "naked and afraid".

But the show that caught the world by storm (that includes me) was the Biggest Loser.  In it's original seasons, we were fixated on the incredible weight loss…the season finales and the thousands of dollars that people would win for losing weight and "playing the game".

But health, wellness and body weight is not a game…it is a journey and it wasn't until the show "Extreme Weight Loss" came to the screen that I was in awe of some of their transformations.  Don't get me wrong, I know its still a reality show but this show did have a different side: it was based on scientific research at the University of Colorado with trainers that wanted the best for their clients.  It mimicked as much of "real life" as it could to keep the producers happy and kept the weight loss and the resulting skin surgeries that followed real and honest.

Upon the season premiere of this year's installment of transformations, I found myself in a place where no weight loss surgery patient wants to find themselves: depressed, gaining weight and fearing that "this" was all there was.  My knees finally got the gel injections that they needed to continue with my training but in the time I waited for a doctor to listen to me and help me, I gained 15 pounds from my lowest Ironman Florida weight.  My clothes are tight…I feel sluggish in my general work life..and  basically…this is not the person I want to be and I must take responsibility for my lack of discipline.

At the end of Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition, the University of Colorado advertised a boot camp in Denver that mimicked the show without the bright lights and the cameras.  I was intrigued.  I followed the website address and found their program…and also found that it only accepted 30 participants at a time.

So I sent in some info and talked to a representative at the University of Colorado Anschutz Wellness Center.  They gave me the particulars…I gave them mine…and I thought a lot about the possibilities. The program includes a week in Colorado, a transformation coach for the entire year that checks in with me weekly while at home, extensive medical testing and a food program that should help my body get to the weight I need to be to make another attempt at Ironman. It includes an exercise program but as one of their representatives told me over the phone "I think you might have that covered "…

So my hubby and I talked about it. I consulted my trainers Ben and Hector..and I waited for a return call from the Wellness Center.  On Saturday, after a beautiful beach 5k with our friend Melissa S. and my husband, I got the call…Im going to Colorado.

So all I ask of all of you that follow my blog is: pray for me.  I was scared to tell anyone about this decision because I thought I would be judged that I failed yet again at maintaining my weight.  I have had a difficult time transitioning from Ironman training to weight loss training so I hope that this program will do the trick.  So follow along if you like…I will begin to post here again…the good, the bad and the ugly…

One person..one year…one transformation…with the ultimate goal…a healthy body…a healthy weight…and an Ironman Finish.