Tuesday, July 28, 2015

It's not about perfection

Strive for Progress….Not Perfection…

It's a mind set that I have struggled with most of my life.  Things are black….or white.  You either do it RIGHT or not at all.  Perfection is the goal…

But a weight loss goal is NOT about perfection…it's about the journey….and this weekend proved that to me.

I attended the Daly/Maloney/Aaron/Cooley family reunion in Westminster MA. outside Boston over the weekend and it was amazing to see all of Steve's cousins, aunts and uncles.   The irony of the weekend  was that Steve helped plan this reunion but his work schedule kept him from attending.  The magic of technology brought him into the party via FaceTime and Skype…but it was tough to be there without my husband.  All of the family made me feel very welcomed…but it's just not the same when I am not on Steve's arm.

A party such as this calls for celebration and in this Irish family…that means food and drink..and lots of it.  I came to Boston prepared to stay on program with my nutrition…but was overwhelmed by the food choices at the party.  The amazing Cupcakes, New England Clam Chowder (that's "chowdah" for those that need a lesson in the New England accent…like me), French Toast Casserole, snack food and more won the battle that I have been really good at fighting since June 15th and Destination Boot Camp.  I didn't go totally crazy…and I even had an "Indulgence Meal" planned (that is a meal I have once a week that can be literally ANYTHING I WANT)…but even with that…the eating and snack ball was rolling and I found it hard to stop.

The old me would have had a pity party.  I would have told myself that eating off plan was the end of this attempt at losing weight.  If I wasn't PERFECT with my food and nutrition….all hope was lost.

This time…it has been different.

I traveled to North Carolina on Sunday to pick up my car and my dog that my friends had graciously taken care of during my time away and decided that dinner on Sunday was where the "gravy train" stopped.  We ate healthy and got me back on track.  My friend Martha and I talked a lot about my "all or nothing" view of food and weight and nutrition and I learned a lot from this experience.

The irony of all this: I finally lost a good amount of weight when I stepped on the scale this morning and broke though to a total of 19 pounds lost.  I'm not losing weight at a rapid pace…but like in many of my races, I'm not racing the rest of the world…I am racing my best time..my best pace…and my best "me".

This journey has shown me that I have so much to learn about how food affects my life and that the true "progress" of it all is knowing it won't always be perfect.


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