Sunday, August 20, 2017

Getting the "BAND" back together

Last year, I decided to try a new blog called "The IronAthena Chronicles" to focus more on my triathlon and less on my weight loss.  What I found was that the blog really didn't "fit me".  Ever have that beautiful dress that you couldn't resist at the store...bring it home...wear it once and just not feel comfortable?  That was what that blog "felt" like to me. So her I am...back in my "blog dress" that feels good for just about any occasion!!  If you are going to follow my will find my words here!!! The "Band" blog is back!!!

What will you find here?  Honest commentary on all that is health, wellness, exercise, triathlon and...well.... me.  Watch for new updates as things are changing in my world (Not HUGE changes...I'm keeping the Captain and the dog) but changes that need to occur to continue my journey...

More soon....ONWARD.

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